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Improve Your Homes Interior Environment With A Wall Fountain

An indoor wall fountain can provide you and your home with benefits all year round, even the winter time. When the weather outside is cold, frosty and pushing 33 degrees, it's only natural that inside the home you have the heat on the "tropical oasis" setting.  However, having the heating system on, sucks the moisture out of the air leaving it very dry. This lack of moisture in the air can have an adverse effect on your skin, eyes and hair. In the winter when you leave the heat on, your may notice that you feel dry, your eyes itch, you use more lotion and your hair may break easier or feel brittle. Much of this is caused by the heating system. The heat can also damage your plants. Even though you may be watering them regularly, the protective coverings of the leaves, stems etc are being denied the external moisture they are accustomed to.

This is where your indoor fountain comes in. Besides the usual benefits of indoor wall fountains such as relaxing, calming and aesthetically pleasing, an indoor fountain can also serve as a subtle humidifier. When your body is feeling too dry from the lack of moisture in the air, you may also feel fatigued and the drying out of your nose and throat makes you more susceptible to colds.  Something elegant and simple, such as a wall fountain can really balance the moisture in your home. Unlike a regular humidifier, which looks ugly to begin with, an indoor fountain doesn't add excessive moisture to the air.  Humidifiers often create so much moisture that they cause condensation to form on the walls.  This excess moisture promotes the growth of mold, bacteria and mildew.  Humidifiers also tend to make odd and even annoying sounds.  This is not so with an indoor water fountain.  Indoor fountains provides you with the soothing sound of running water.

As we discussed, an indoor water fountain supplies the air with a great source of moisture. This will make sure your skin, hair, eyes, nose and throat do not dry out.  It will also ensure your plants do not become limp and browned by the air. With an indoor fountain, you can keep warm when it's chilly outside without having to sacrifice comfort.

Article written by: http://www.wall2wallfountains.com

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