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Feng Shui Garden Accessories and Ornaments

Once you have resolved the layout and planning of your feng shui garden you need to consider what accessories you can add to enhance it.

Tables that have large round edges are best as they don’t give off cutting energy. Chairs with flowing curves will enhance the flow of chi.

There are many styles and materials you can choose from for your garden furniture. Wood is always preferable.

Big round terracotta or earthenware pots symbolize the Earth element and can be the focus point of your garden. Place them in the Southwest (Marriage and Romance) and Northeast (Education and knowledge) areas.

Sculpture or stones will absorb energy or force energy to move around it-thereby slowing it down.

Gazing balls strategically placed can deflect negative shi. Wind chimes and gongs add to the beneficial movement of chi.

Different types of trellises can be used for trailing plants to soften cutting corners or walls or to conceal dull sheds.

Many people incorporate gazebos as a part of the design of their garden adding a serene and private place to relax on sunny, summer afternoons.

Remember balance and harmony is the key to a good feng shui garden.

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